Volume 1


Let The Memories Made Under This Cup, Forever Ring 

It is my hope that the memories created over your cups of Doorbell Coffee, will forever ring to create lasting chimes of hope.

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Just, Wow.

I'm sitting down, glass of Cabernet an arms length away, Tina Turner playing in the background, Hamburger Helper on the stove, and 2 months in getting my feet wet in an industry I never would have guessed I would be joining. But that said, I’m ready to jump in and make some waves. These last few months have been quite the whirlwind. I wanted to start this little journal to welcome you into world of Doorbell, and share my hopes of what it will one day grow into.

When developing the company in the late summer of last year, I got a lot of questions of "Why Doorbell?" Of course, I wanted the name to literally speak to these coffee deliveries, but also embody the hope that we can build community, simply over a cup of coffee.

Growing up, I remember coffee playing an important role in the Martinez household. A fresh pot of coffee was always brewing whenever friends, family, or neighbors were coming over for birthdays, holidays, dinners, or various celebrations. In high school, it was standard practice to meet friends at the local coffee shop to study for the next big test, or share our opinion of the next marching band show, because lets face it, our opinion was the only one that mattered. Studying intensified in college and so did the coffee orders. Dreams were made, and realizations were made clear, all over a cup of coffee. Through all this, one thing remained constant, memories made through community.


I want my coffee to not only be invited into your home, but welcomed. In turn, it is my hope that you will welcome the people in your life to share the Doorbell Coffee Creations you make as you also make meaningful memories with one another. These memories will create small chimes. Chimes will become cadences. Cadences will become melodies, and melodies will become songs; songs that will ring loud to create music. Music that will makes an impact. An impact to not only change our lives, but strong enough to change the world.

Yes, I dream big.

It may just be a small gesture, but, it is my hope that the memories created over your cups of coffee, will forever ring to create lasting chimes of hope.

The creation of Doorbell also would not have been made possible without the understanding , guidance, and support from those in my life. There aren't enough words to express how THANKFUL I am to those who volunteered their time, treasure, and talent, for the development of Doorbell over the last year. A HUGE THANK YOU to Esteven Gamez and his team at Keen Social, in developing the beautiful logo that my Cricut and I can’t get enough of. Lynne Grimes at Accurate Legal Support Services, and Ian and Jessica at Ohm Brewery, Thank you for giving me solid ground to walk on when at times felt like it was crumbling beneath my feet. And, THANK YOU to the many, MANY, friends, who without hesitation, were there to lend a hand, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and loud cheers to keep me going.

Mom, Dad, family. I don’t even know how to begin, and not sure I could stop once I did. I truly am amazed at how #blessed I am to have you all. I can’t thank you all enough for the unwavering support, advice, and love you give me. Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


I like to think I had my journey planned out and somewhat of an idea of the road I was on. But, as life has continued to show us these last few years, we are not always aware of what bumps, cracks, and obstacles are around each bend.

But, tomorrow is a new day. The sun will set, but, will indeed rise. I am strengthened each day by that fact.

With the generosity and support of others who, without question, reach out, we find a way forward, together.



Nick Martinez