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Doorbell Coffee Company

Cafe de Olla

Cafe de Olla

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Add flavor and tradition to your mornings with Cafe de Olla from Doorbell Coffee Company. This rebellious flavor first sweetens the pot with unrefined panela sugar, cocoa, then spikes with a dash of cayenne pepper to finish out the taste. Cafe de Olla doesn’t follow the rules—it makes its own. Yet beneath its feisty spirit beats a heart of rich, chocolatey flavor and full-bodied aroma passed down through families for centuries. This is no mass-produced, factory-made coffee—this is a handcrafted work of art meant to be savored. So add a splash of the good stuff, fire up the stove, and get ready for coffee like you’ve never tasted. Cafe de Olla: proof that the old ways are still the best.

Ingredients: Panela Sugar; Unrefined, Cocoa,  Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper

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